ELLIS JR/Robert De Niro - Screening

Fotos by Daniel Arnold

Kunst als Weg ins Licht - Lily Yeh/Plinio Villagrán

Licht/Poesie - Finissage

Vernissage - Indecision - Roland Okón

Pictures courtesy of Claudia Glatz:

Pictures courtesy of Daniel Arnold:

Verrätergassenfest/Exil - Music meets Fire

Very special thanks to: Jua und der Alchemist, Daniel Jurke, Play, the Dresden Dance Group, Dragóna

Pictures courtesy of Claudia Glatz:

Verrätergassenfest/Exil - Night of the Poets

Licht/Poesie - Anja Räubertochter/Tom Hohlfeld

Vernissage: Walkabout - Tony Harwood

Many thanks  to Volker Bachschneider for the beautiful picturet

Showing/Work in Progress - Stephanie Hanna

Black and White Night - Very Special Thanks to Loggia Days and Nights

Vollmondsoirée - Night Of The Young Poets

Feuerworkshop - Fireworkshop

Jam Session

Photos thanks to Volker Bachscheider and Claudia Ingoerlitz

Green Pop Up Exhibition

Works by Photographers Jeannine Suerdieck, Jacek Krakowski and Johannes Kick

Vernissage Tryptichons Natalia Panek

Medieval Flashmob

Bohemian Crossings Opening at the Via Thea